Brecht, George / Corner, Philip / Knowles, Alison

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Code FXCM0194   Audio Collective

Fluxus. Philip Corner, Alison Knowles, George Brecht


Published by Wergo, Mainz, 2001
Audio CD with booklet with texts
in German and English and photos

Audio program notes:
- P. Corner, "Satie's rose cross as a..." No. FXM0151
  Length: 16'00"
- A. Knowles, "Bean sequences" No. FXM0321
  Length: 29'03"
  Performer: A. Knowles, G. Brecht, H. Higgins, J. Higgins
- G. Brecht, R. Filliou, A. Fabri and C. Chung-Jen,
  "Hsin, hsin ming" No. FXC0549
  Length: 30'50"