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Goodbye 20th Century


Published by Sonic Youth Recordings (SYR), Hoboken, NJ, USA
Produced by Jim O'Rourke, Sonic Youth, William Winant
Music composed by J. Cage, T. Kosugi. G. Maciunas, Y. Ono and others
Recorded March-August 1999
2 vinyl records

Audio program note:

Vinyl 1

Side A
- Christian Wolff, "Edges"
Composed by Christian Wolff
Length: 16'02''
- Pauline Oliveros, "Six For New Time - For Sonic Youth"
Composed by Pauline Oliveros
Length: 8'08''
- James Tenney, "Having Never Written A Note For Percussion"
Composed by James Tenney
Length: 9'04''
Side B
- John Cage, "Six (3rd Take)", No. FXM5345
Composed by John Cage
Length: 3'01''
- Takehisa Kosugi, "+ -", No. FXM5346
Composed by Takehisa Kosugi
Length: 7'02''
- Yoko Ono, "Voice Piece For Soprano", No. FXM5347
Composed by Yoko Ono
Length: 0'12''
- Nicolas Slonimsky, "Pièce Enfantine"
Composed by Nicolas Slonimsky
Length: 2'21''
- Cornelius Cardew, "Treatise (Page 183)"
Composed by Cornelius Cardew
Length: 3'29''

Vinyl 2
Side C
- John Cage, "Four6",  No. FXM5348
Composed by John Cage
Length: 30'20''
- John Cage, "Six (4th Take)", No. FXM5349
Composed by John Cage
Length: 3'02''
Side D
- Christian Wolff, "Burdocks"
Composed by Christian Wolff
Length: 13'16''
- George Maciunas, "Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece) - For Nam June Paik", No. FXM0233
Composed by George Maciunas
Length: 3'49''
- Steve Reich, "Pendulum Music"
Composed by Steve Reich
Length: 5'56''