Hi Red Center / Kubota, Shigeko / Maciunas, George / and others

Announcement (243 Schede)


Code FXC1323   Announcement Collective

Hi Red Center


Designed by G. Maciunas
Edited by S. Kubota for Fluxus Edition
Black printed on both sides of grey-green sheet
of paper, 56.2 x 43.2 cm.

Front: Typography on map
Back: Photos of the events

A descriptive listing of events performed
during 1963-1964 by Kasegawa, Kazakura,
Izumi, Nakanishi and Takamatu in Japan.

There are two copies in the collection:
a. Part of "Fluxyearbox 1": book version, No. FX1250
b. A copy signed by G. Maciunas, No. FX1288

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: "Fluxus Etc.", exhibition catalogue, Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1981, p.119 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution 1962-2012", Chiasso, 2012, p. 189.