Announcement (243 Schede)


Code FXC1711   Announcement Collective

DownTown Ensemble


Events organized by SoundArt Foundation
and Art in General, New York
December 2, 2001

1. Program card
    - "Indoor / Outdoor / Fluxus / Action/Music"
       with music pieces by G. Brecht, P. Corner, M. Shiomi,
       B. Patterson and others
    - "Concert of Fluxus / Action /Graphic Music"
       works by P. Corner, A. Knowles, L. Miller and others
       Card. Violet offset on white cardboard, 10.8 x 14 cm.

2. Program flyer
    - "Fluxus / Action / Graphic/Music"
       with music pieces by L. Miller, Y. Tone and others
       Black offset on white paper, printed on both sides
       28 x 21.6 cm.

1. card

2. flyer