Cunningham, Merce / Paik, Nam June

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Merce by Merce by Paik


1. Video
     Published by WNET TV, New York
   - Part 1. "Blue Studio In Five Segments"
     by Nam June Paik
     in collaboration with Charles Atlas & Merce Cunningham
   - Part 2. "Merce and Marcel"
     by Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota
     Camera by Bob Harris
     Music by David Held, Earl Howard & John Cage
     Performances by Woody & Steina Vasulka, Bill Gwin,
     Jean-Marie Drot, Nancy Graves, Erik Martin and Russel Connor
     Directed by Russel Connor
     Distributed by Electronics Arts Intermix, New York
     Length: 29'10"
     Excerpt: 00'25''
     Donation from Associazione Culturale KINEMA, Rome

2. Poster of the video
    B/w offset on white paper, 47.5 x 32.5 cm.
    Signed in red by Nam June Paik

Bibl: E. Decker, "Paik Video", DuMont Buchverlag, Cologne, p. 160-161.

1. Video excerpt

2. Poster