Brecht, George / Hansen, Al / Higgins, Dick / Knowles, Alison / Young, La Monte and others

Announcement (243 Schede)


Code FXC1660   Announcement Collective

Happenings, Danger Music. Fluxus


Advertising flyer for the festival at
Allé Teatern, Stockholm, Mar 1 to 3, 1963
Re-print 2000, black offset on white paper, 29.5 x 21 cm.

See also "List of Fluxus festivals, concerts" No. FX0452
and Announcements No. FX1747

Bibl.: "The Lunatics are on the Loose. European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977" (edited by P. Stegmann), Down with art!, Berlin, 2012, pag. 183-193