Andersen, Eric and various

Announcement (239 Schede)


Code FXC1647 1/5   Announcement Collective / Performance Collective

Festival Margrethe Fjorden, Roskilde


Documentation of events in Roskilde (second festival)
for Copenhagen's celebrations as the "Cultural City of Europe '96"
Art director : E. Andersen
See also First festival No. FXC0011

1. Advertising poster
    Colour offset on paper, 59 x 42 cm.

2. Program of the festival
a. Flyer. Colour offset
    on printed paper, 21 x 30 cm.
    Three copies
b. Folder. Black offset on
    on white paper, 21 x 14.7 cm.
c. Press release
    Various articles in various dimensions
   Archived in "Photographic documentation"

3. Photographic documentation
    Archived in "Photographic documentation", No. FXPH0230
    Several colored photos by L. Bonotto
    See also no. FXC4367

4. Video documentation
    Videos edited by Kougshaug:
    Video a:        
  - E. Andersen, home and studios
    Video b, c, d:    
  - E. Andersen, "Det nøje planlagte" No. FXPH0058
  - L. Miller, "Either / Or" No. FX1075
  - W. de Ridder, "Mini tur" No. FXPH0059
  - Ib. Nørholm, "Tage driver over engen"  
    played by a 300 persons chorus and a flautist
    on a boat, helicopters dance and parachuters jump
    (Event in the see and in the sky)
  - Y. Hiranaka and E. Andersen,
    concert in Roskilde Cath
  - E. Andersen, L. Miller, W. de Ridder
    and others, "Showing dresses"  
  - Photographic Documentation at the restaurant
    with E. Andersen, W. de Ridder, L. Bonotto
    Three VHS and four DVD copies

5. T-Shirt
    Printed cotton T-Shirt (XL)

1. Poster

2. a Flyer

2. b Folder


4. a video

4. b video

4. c video

4. d video

5. T-Shirt