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Artista Titolo Categoria Anno Code
Alocco, Marcel Pour Fluxus. Musique. Events. Six événements à consommer sur place ( 1960 - 1967 - 1968 ) Performance 1960 FXM0216
Alocco, Marcel Alocco: Logo Fluxus Unique 1967 0257
Alocco, Marcel Events Edition 1968 FX8143
Alocco, Marcel Lettre Unique 1970 FX1851
Alocco, Marcel Correspondence Document 2000 FX0598 1/2
Alocco, Marcel FLUXUS, EVENTS et MUSIQUE (1964 - 1968) Book 2013 FX1725
Alocco, Marcel Marcel Alocco - Origine Nice Document 2019 FX9866
Andersen, Eric Opus 22 Performance 1960 FXM0011
Andersen, Eric Opera 39-51-52-53 Performance 1961 FX1470
Andersen, Eric Opera with title Document 1961 FX1464
Andersen, Eric Opus 32 Performance 1963 FXM0614
Andersen, Eric 50 Opera (1965) Edition 1965 0666E 1/2
Andersen, Eric Systembolaget. Announcement Announcement 1977 FX1509
Andersen, Eric Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1977 FX1300
Andersen, Eric Disconception IX Edition 1980 0220E
Andersen, Eric The Untactics of Music (1968) Performance 1988 FXM0013 1/2
Andersen, Eric Opus 1 (1960) Performance 1990 FXM0474
Andersen, Eric Photographic documentation Document 1990 FXPH0230
Andersen, Eric Bolzano tartan Edition 1992 0264E
Andersen, Eric Opera 4444,358,666,9999 (1962) Performance 1992 FXM0473 1/4
Andersen, Eric To find a way in Fluxus - and a taste of it Edition 1992 1453E
Andersen, Eric Interviews Document 1992 FX1371 1/2
Andersen, Eric Le chiavi della via / The way keys Unique 1994 0661 1/2
Andersen, Eric Study of the bottles Unique 1995 0664
Andersen, Eric Opus 777 Performance 1995 FXM0379
Andersen, Eric The Crying Space Document 1996 FX0733 1/5
Andersen, Eric Dinamica per due bicchieri Edition 1997 0224E
Andersen, Eric Fluxus in Europe. East and West - North and South Document 1997 FX0498
Andersen, Eric Opus 696 (Tutt'orecchi) (1982) Performance 2000 FXM0476
Andersen, Eric Opus 16121 Performance 2002 FXPH0053
Andersen, Eric Postcards (1967) Edition 2008 0491E 1/2
Andersen, Eric Fluxus by 10 hands, 10 legs and 10 heads Announcement 2019 FX5466
Andersen, Eric Eric Andersen: Stories of Fluxus and "The Banner" Video 2019 FXM2321
Ay-O Finger envelope Edition 1964 0062E
Ay-O Finger Box Edition 1964 0063E 1/6
Ay-O Put finger in hole Edition 1980 0381E
Ay-O A period Performance 1981 FXM0282
Ay-O Add collection for George Maciunas from Ay-O Performance 1981 FXM0610
Ay-O Ha Hi Fu He Ho (1976) Performance 1983 FXM0455
Ay-O Photographic documentation Document 1990 FXPH1182
Ay-O Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1991 FX0624
Ay-O Series of Rainbow Happenings Performance 1992 FXM0571 1/6
Ay-O Hallelujah, John Cage Performance 1992 FXM0482
Ay-O One eye is enough Edition 1993 0061E
Ay-O From series of Exit: No. 8 Performance 1994 FXM0456
Ay-O Fluxus Song #2 (1995-96) Performance 2000 FXM1684
Ay-O Rainbow objects mandala. Floor piece Announcement 2004 FXC1764
Ay-O Fluxus mask Edition 2006 0383E
Ay-O Fluxus Song #1 (1981) Performance 2023 FXM1583
Ay-O Interview Kasseler Kunstverein (1994) Audio 2023 FXM1785
Baroni, Vittore Arte Postale ! Periodical 1979 PV2032 1/60
Berner, Jeff Fluxbook Edition 1966 0030E
Berner, Jeff The White House staff at work, 1973 A.D. Edition 1973 0426E
Berner, Jeff Cosmic inventory kit Edition 1993 0031E
Beuys, Joseph Exhibition Posters Announcement 1953 FX1826 1/124
Beuys, Joseph Fluxus Catalogue 1963 FX3153
Beuys, Joseph Advertising cards Announcement 1964 FX1825
Beuys, Joseph Fluxus-Demonstration: Manresa Edition 1967 0577E
Beuys, Joseph Collective posters Announcement 1968 FXC1532
Beuys, Joseph Postcards Announcement 1972 FX1556
Beuys, Joseph Sonne statt Reagan Performance 1982 FXM0689
Beuys, Joseph Joseph Beuys. Werken in het Fluxus-Archief Harry Ruhé Catalogue 1987 FX0526
Beuys, Joseph Aktionen 1963-1986 Book 2023 FXM5671
Bonito Oliva, Achille Le tribu' dell'Arte Catalogue 2001 FXC0488
Brecht, George Light Event Performance 1961 FXM0522
Brecht, George Three Lamp Events (1961) Performance 1962 FX1534 1/2
Brecht, George Drip Music (1959) Performance 1963 FXM0415
Brecht, George Solo for violin, viola, cello or contrabass (1962) Performance 1963 FXM0417 1/11
Brecht, George Water Yam Artist's book 1963 0329E 1/6
Brecht, George Valoche 1959-1975 / A Flux Travel Aid Edition 1963 0058E 1/3
Brecht, George Incidental Music (1961) Performance 1963 FX1765 1/2
Brecht, George Two durations (1963) Performance 1963 FXM0418 1/3
Brecht, George Piano Piece (1962) No.1 / No.2 / No.3 Performance 1963 FXM0485 1/3
Brecht, George Table (1962) Performance 1963 FXM0588 1/2
Brecht, George Direction (1963) Edition 1964 0056E 1/3
Brecht, George Nut bone. A Yamfest movie Artist's book 1964 FX0371 1/2
Brecht, George GamEs & PuzzLEs, GEorgE BRECht. fLuXus CL Edition 1965 0053E 1/6
Brecht, George Deck by George Brecht. A Fluxgame Edition 1966 0328E
Brecht, George Closed on Mondays - A Flux Game Edition 1968 0054E
Brecht, George Photographic documentation Document 1970 FX0864
Brecht, George Fluxkit Null (Fluxnullkit) Edition 1978 0052S
Brecht, George Symphony No.3 (1964) Performance 1979 FXM0416
Brecht, George Fluxus Artists Edition 1980 0317E
Brecht, George Drip Music, Variation Performance 1989 FXM0641 1/2
Brecht, George For a drummer (1966) Performance 1994 FXM0484 1/2
Brecht, George George Brecht. The editions Book 2005 FX1229
Brecht, George George Brecht Book 2010 FX0432
Brecht, George Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 02 George Brecht Catalogue 2010 FX1179
Brecht, George George Brecht, histoire d'un effacement Book 2018 FX0549
Brouwn, Stanley Stanley Brown a chronology Book 2001 FX0628
Cage, John Milton Jr. Suite for Toy Piano (1948) Performance 1948 FXM0169 1/2
Cage, John Milton Jr. 4'33'' Performance 1952 FXM0305
Cage, John Milton Jr. Radio Music Performance 1956 FXM0262
Cage, John Milton Jr. Variations Performance 2000 FXM0548 1/5
Chiari, Giuseppe Light - Concert Performance FX1206
Chiari, Giuseppe Actions music Performance 1964 FXPH0026
Chiari, Giuseppe Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1968 FX0508
Chiari, Giuseppe Statements Unique 1971 0152 1/25
Chiari, Giuseppe Names Unique 1971 0156 1/7
Chiari, Giuseppe Pen drawings, Aki Fluxfest Unique 1981 0067
Chiari, Giuseppe La pioggia è rumore ma è musica Edition 1992 0153E
Chiari, Giuseppe Giuseppe Chiari e la teoria dell'arte in Fluxus Book 1992 FX0341
Chiari, Giuseppe Fragment for orchestra (1964) Performance 1994 FXM0398
Chiari, Giuseppe Piece for paper (1964) Performance 1994 FXM0509
Chiari, Giuseppe Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 05 Giuseppe Chiari Catalogue 2011 FX1164
Christiansen, Henning Audio and video download from internet Document 1973 FX1517
Christiansen, Henning Symphony Natura. Opus No. 170 (1985) Audio 1985 FXM0109 1/2
Christiansen, Henning Kreuzmusik (1989) Edition 1989 0084E 1/3
Christiansen, Henning Green Picnic Product Edition 1992 0412E
Christiansen, Henning Schafe statt geigen Performance 1994 FXM0259
Christiansen, Henning Three pieces for piano (1970) Performance 1995 FXM0550
Christiansen, Henning Verena - Vogetzymphon Performance 2001 FXM0260
Clavin, Hans Koenst Artist's book 2012 PV1462
Corner, Philip Quiet Work of Destruction Performance 1962 FX1524
Corner, Philip Piano activities (1962) Performance 1962 FXM0392
Corner, Philip Friendly Low Bb Performance 1964 FX1523
Corner, Philip A Keyboard Dance Performance 1964 FX1525
Corner, Philip 4 th. Finale (1966) Performance 1966 FX1526 1/2
Corner, Philip Photographic documentation Document 1975 FXPH0714
Corner, Philip Persimmon (Love Duet) Performance 1977 FX1346
Corner, Philip Carrot Chew Performance (1964) Performance 1978 FXM0197 1/4
Corner, Philip Early Fluxus Performance Events (1962 - 1977) Edition 1978 0728E
Corner, Philip Piano Work: a movement Performance 1979 FXM0200
Corner, Philip Piano Work: Concert Suite Edition 1980 0343E
Corner, Philip Fluxus Document 1984 FXC6733
Corner, Philip Car passing at night, country road in Maine Audio 1988 FXM0196
Corner, Philip Through the Mysterious Barricate / Attraverso La Barricata Misteriosa Performance 1989 FXM0502 1/2
Corner, Philip Reverence for the piano + One note once (1964) Performance 1989 FXM0500
Corner, Philip Satie's Rose Cross as a revelation Performance 1990 FXM0151
Corner, Philip Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1990 FX1749
Corner, Philip A plate for a Piece of Reality Edition 1992 0496E
Corner, Philip Frammento dal mondo Edition 1992 0345E 1/2
Corner, Philip Interview Document 1993 FXM0564 1/2
Corner, Philip Glass for "Grappa Fluxus" Edition 1993 0731E
Corner, Philip Fluxus = Free Speech Edition 2002 1425E
Corner, Philip Music in Flux ...A Concert for Ensemble Document 2002 FX0714 1/3
Corner, Philip One Note more-than-once: Space Performance 2006 FXPH0019
Corner, Philip The seasons, Asolo: autumn Performance 2006 FX1345 1/2
Corner, Philip Household Piano Performance 2012 FXM0289
Corner, Philip Piano Activities Audio 2013 FXM0486
Corner, Philip Over (open) Ture (2022) Audio 2023 FXM5365
Davinio, Caterina Other Fluxes (and Small Decadence) Video 2002 PVM2263
De Ridder, Willem Walkman Piece Performance 1960 FXM0513
De Ridder, Willem Fluxus Festival. Theatre compositions, street compositions, exhibits, electronic music Announcement 1963 FXC1576
De Ridder, Willem Internationaal programma. Nieuwste Muziek - Nieuwste Theater - Nieuwste Literatuur Announcement 1963 FXC1589
De Ridder, Willem Paper constellations Edition 1963 0180E
De Ridder, Willem Photographic documentation Document 1963 FXPH0063
De Ridder, Willem Paper Fluxwork Artist's book 1964 0179E 1/3
De Ridder, Willem European Mail-Order Warehouse & Fluxshop Announcement 1964 FXC0614 1/4
De Ridder, Willem Nieuwste Muziek en anti-muziek het instrumental theater Announcement 1964 FXC1989
De Ridder, Willem Flux festival. Nieuwste muziek en anti-muziek-het instrumentale theater Announcement 1964 FX1210
De Ridder, Willem Mask Performance 1964 FXM0313 1/2
De Ridder, Willem Walkman Performance 1990 FX0063
De Ridder, Willem Interviews Document 1992 FXM0599 1/2
De Ridder, Willem Performance at Fluxus 50, Wiesbaden Performance 2012 FX4789
Dupuy, Jean Tableau vivant Performance 1978 FXCM0457
Dupuy, Jean Fluxfeast of erotic food Performance 1978 FXCM0593
Dupuy, Jean Good evening (1981) Performance 1983 FXM0445
Dupuy, Jean Achoo! Atchoum! Performance 1983 FXM0446
Dupuy, Jean Jaune Violet Unique 1990 0245E 1/3
Dupuy, Jean Paris-Bordeaux Audio 1991 FXM0611
Dupuy, Jean Philosophie Timbrée Edition 1992 0241E
Dupuy, Jean Singer super öl 100 ML Edition 1992 0253E
Dupuy, Jean Elle aimait bien les frites, Marguerite / Marguerite liked chips ... (1977) Performance 1993 FXM0224
Dupuy, Jean À la tienne Luigi ! Edition 1993 0250E
Dupuy, Jean Anagram # 43 Performance 1994 FXM0447
Dupuy, Jean Jaunes violets Unique 2000 0252E
Dupuy, Jean Japon (1992) Performance 2023 FXM0220
Dupuy, Jean Anagram Pictures (1981) Performance 2023 FXM0883
Ferrando, Bartolomé Performance poétiques Video 1996 PVM0470
Ferrando, Bartolomé Performances poétiques I & IV Video 2006 PVM0406
Ferrer, Esther Performance (by telephone) Performance 1994 FXM0496
Ferrer, Esther The Stage Is to Be Crossed Performance 1994 FXM0497
Ferrer, Esther Two Speed Performance Performance 1994 FXM0498
Ferrer, Esther Performance érotique Performance 2003 FX0861
Ffarrabas, Nye Black Thumb Summer Institute of Human Relations Performance 1966 FX1224
Ffarrabas, Nye 5 Seed Poem Edition 1967 0065E
Filliou, Robert Whispered art history Performance 1963 FXM0133 1/3
Filliou, Robert Fluxdust Edition 1966 0565E
Filliou, Robert The Obvious deck Edition 1967 0384E
Filliou, Robert Photographic documentation Document 1970 FXPH0875
Filliou, Robert A world of false fingerprints Announcement 1975 FX1121 1/2
Filliou, Robert Envelope. A postcard by R. Filliou Edition 1976 0791E
Filliou, Robert Imitating the sound of the birds Audio 1979 FXM0134
Filliou, Robert The poet's poor priviledge Edition 1980 0380E
Filliou, Robert Greetings from "L", We Are All Green Audio 2000 FXM0132
Filliou, Robert Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 06 Robert Filliou Catalogue 2011 FX1188
Fine, Albert M. Piece for Fluxorchestra Edition 1966 1248E
Fine, Albert M. Events: clothespin spring-Fluxus piece for G. M. - Ice cream piece Performance 1968 FX0436
Flynt, Henry Buttons Edition 1993 0192E 1/3
Flynt, Henry Interview Document 1993 FXM0547
Friedman, Ken Melon Medley Performance 1965 FXM0217
Friedman, Ken Garnisht Kigele Edition 1966 0133E
Friedman, Ken A Flux Corsage Edition 1966 0471E 1/2
Friedman, Ken Fluxstationary Document 1966 FX0690 1/2
Friedman, Ken Advertisements for Fluxwest, California Announcement 1966 FX1166 1/30
Friedman, Ken Zen Vaudeville Performance 1966 FXM0505
Friedman, Ken Orchestra Requiem Variations Audio 1967 FXM0278
Friedman, Ken Letter Document 1967 FX1077
Friedman, Ken Fluxus and concept art Document 1972 FX0467
Friedman, Ken Card Music for Audience (Variation on a theme of George Brecht) (1966) Performance 1979 FXM0423
Friedman, Ken Fruits in 3 Acts: act 1 - Pear, act 2 - Apple, act 3 - Watermelon Performance 1979 FXM0424
Friedman, Ken Ken Friedman - Fluxus Events Announcement 1981 FX0751
Friedman, Ken Young Fluxus Catalogue 1982 FX0410
Friedman, Ken Fluxus concert of events, performance and actions Artist's book 1985 FX0486
Friedman, Ken Explaining Fluxus Book 1986 FX1813
Friedman, Ken (Parts of) The Fluxus Saga, Part two Artist's book 1987 FX1810
Friedman, Ken Ken Friedman. Fluxus and Company Book 1989 FX0409 1/2
Friedman, Ken Rethinking Fluxus Document 1989 FX0617
Friedman, Ken Fluxus Announcement 1990 FXC1640
Friedman, Ken Letter to Jackie on Fluxus Document 1990 FX0375
Friedman, Ken The Fluxus performance workbook Book 1990 FX0482 1/2
Friedman, Ken A signature would destroy the artistic value of this print Edition 1992 1250E
Friedman, Ken Dom zu Köln Edition 1992 0367E
Friedman, Ken Interview Document 1993 FXM0061
Friedman, Ken Ken Friedman. The Fluxus Years. (1987) Book 1993 FX1392
Friedman, Ken Fluxus and Friends. Mailing List +Telephone Directory Document 1995 FX0484
Friedman, Ken The Fluxus Reader Book 1998 FX0505
Friedman, Ken Fluxus and Legacy / Fluxus after Fluxus Periodical 2005 FX0825
Friedman, Ken Fluxus thirty-eight degrees south: an interview with Ken Friedman Document 2011 FX0821
Friedman, Ken Freedom? Nothingness? Time? Fluxus and the Laboratory of Ideas Document 2013 FX1824
Friedman, Ken The early days of Mail Art (1995) Document 2015 FX0823
Friedman, Ken 23 Portraits by Ken Friedman (2018) Edition 2018 0456E
Halprin, Anna Landscape score for a 45 minute environment Performance FX0046 1/2
Hansen, Al Car Bibbe Performance 1958 FXM0737
Hansen, Al Announcements, documents and invitation cards Announcement 1973 FX0339
Hansen, Al Asolo Notte Edition 1974 0558E
Hansen, Al Al Hansen. Galerie "A" Announcement 1979 FX1026
Hansen, Al Photographic documentation Document 1979 FXPH0054
Hansen, Al Andy Warhol Attentat Sound Performance Performance 1986 FXM0072 1/2
Hansen, Al Intermedia L.A. Roadside streetwise poetry Audio 1988 FXM1686
Hansen, Al Joseph Beuys Stuka Bomber Piece Performance 1989 FXM0739
Hansen, Al Drive Performance 1989 FX3270
Hansen, Al Goodbye Piece Performance 1990 FXM0073
Hansen, Al Car Bibbe Edition 1992 0411E
Hansen, Al Balloni Brothers Balloon Work Performance 1993 FXM0738
Hansen, Al The Futuristic Chattanooga Choo Choo in the Mongolian Desert Performance 1993 FXM0740
Hansen, Al I opened the top button of her jeans and zipped her zipper down (anonymous musicians) Performance 1993 FXM0741
Hansen, Al Venus Rap Performance 1993 FXM0742
Hansen, Al Life is Fluxus Catalogue 2003 FX0001
Hendricks, Geoffrey Prelude: Washing Performance 1964 FXM0471
Hendricks, Geoffrey Picnic Garbage Placemat Edition 1973 0763E 1/2
Hendricks, Geoffrey Flux Reliquary Edition 1973 1257E
Hendricks, Geoffrey Announcement and invitation cards Announcement 1974 FX0420
Hendricks, Geoffrey a V TRE EXTRA, No. 11 Periodical 1979 FXC1094
Hendricks, Geoffrey Changing Sky Edition 1980 0357E
Hendricks, Geoffrey FluxNavy (1978) Performance 1982 FXM0396
Hendricks, Geoffrey A Sound for Roskilde Performance 1985 FXM0472
Hendricks, Geoffrey Anatomy of the sky Unique 1991 0503
Hendricks, Geoffrey Some things i can do Edition 1992 0765E
Hendricks, Geoffrey Auto Performance 1992 FXPH0037
Hendricks, Geoffrey Felt Hat Edition 1992 0358E
Hendricks, Geoffrey Photographic documentation Document 1992 FXPH0544
Hendricks, Geoffrey Elemental Bottles (Or how to Catch a Bird) Edition 1993 0360E
Hendricks, Geoffrey Grappa Fluxus Edition 1993 0361E
Hendricks, Geoffrey Headstands Performance 1994 FXM0470 1/17
Hendricks, Geoffrey Performance (by telephone) Performance 1994 FXM0492
Hendricks, Geoffrey A foot note Edition 1995 0762E
Hendricks, Geoffrey A tone for Asolo: Sky Performance 2006 FXPH0018
Hendricks, Geoffrey Fluxus in Flux. In memoriam Performance 2009 FXM0715
Hendricks, Geoffrey Handshake Performance 2009 FXM0627
Hendricks, Geoffrey Heads & tails Performance 2012 FXPH0216
Hendricks, Geoffrey Portrait of the Fluxus artist and his collector as sky Unique 2013 0679
Hidalgo Codorniu, Juan Tamaran (1974) Performance 1974 FXM0240 1/2
Higgins, Dick Constellations (1959) Performance 1959 FXM0419
Higgins, Dick Inroads Rebuff'd or The Disdainful Evacuation Performance 1961 FX0670
Higgins, Dick In Memoriam Audio 1961 FXM0218
Higgins, Dick Danger Music Performance 1961 FXM0142
Higgins, Dick "Boris Blastoff finally dreams about life" and "Boris Blastoff's, you play It love song" Performance 1962 FXM0271
Higgins, Dick Employment Questionnaire Performance 1963 FX0578
Higgins, Dick Gangsang Performance 1963 FXM0420 1/4
Higgins, Dick Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1963 FX1747
Higgins, Dick Printing Songs (1965) Artist's book 1968 FX0581
Higgins, Dick The Ladder to the Moon Artist's book 1973 FX0057
Higgins, Dick Big man sees little star Edition 1979 0302E
Higgins, Dick Of Celebration of Morning Artist's book 1980 FX1248 1/2
Higgins, Dick Omnia Gallia Performance 1980 FXM0615 1/2
Higgins, Dick Sonata for Prepared Piano Performance 1981 FXM0612
Higgins, Dick Dick Higgins. Aki Fluxfest Announcement 1981 FX1128 1/3
Higgins, Dick Variations on a Natural Theme for Orchestra Artist's book 1982 0281E
Higgins, Dick Interviews Document 1992 FXM0594 1/4
Higgins, Dick Destroy All Kitsch! Edition 1992 0308E
Higgins, Dick The Alcoholic's Decision Edition 1994 0487E 1/4
Higgins, Dick Intermedia Chart Edition 1995 0536E
Higgins, Dick Who is Fluxus? A Fluxgame for Robert Filliou Unique 1995 1268 1/2
Higgins, Dick Sophocles Performance 2009 FXM0629
Higgins, Dick Intermedia, Fluxus and the Something Else Press. Selected writings by DicK Higgins Book 2018 FX0124
Hutchins, Alice Jewelry Fluxkit Edition 1968 0089E
Hutchins, Alice Updated cards (1966) Edition 1989 0086
Ichiyanagi, Toshi Music for Piano Piece No. 5 Performance 2001 FXM0551
Johnson, Ray Ray Johnson Audio from Video Audio 2000 FX0423
Jones, Joe A Favorite Song Edition 1964 0719E
Jones, Joe Collection construction consumption - 7 Solos for 7 Evenings Unique 1967 0720
Jones, Joe Joe Jones in New York | Joe Jones in Europe Edition 1975 FX1631
Jones, Joe History of the music bike and other stories Artist's book 1977 FX0755
Jones, Joe Flute Piece Performance 1978 FXM0462
Jones, Joe Music Machines and Fluxus Projects Edition 1979 1435E
Jones, Joe No Smoking Edition 1980 0353E
Jones, Joe Photographic and Video Documentation Document 1987 FXPH0900
Jones, Joe Solar Music Hot House Audio 1988 FXM0219 1/2
Jones, Joe Put the baby to sleep Performance 1989 FX3249
Jones, Joe Fluxus Home Movies Video 1989 FXM0399
Jones, Joe Untitled Performance 1990 FXM0400
Jones, Joe Model for the Underground Project Edition 1992 0355E
Jones, Joe Meditation (tape) Performance 1994 FXM0461
Jones, Joe Duet for Brass Instruments (1970) Performance 1995 FXM0168
Jones, Joe Xylophone (1976) Audio 2002 FXM0539
Jones, Joe 5 Piano Pieces (1980) Performance 2004 FXM0609
Jones, Joe Dog Symphony (1960) Performance 2006 FXPH0013
Kaprow, Allan Taking a shoe for a walk Performance 1989 FX3248
Kaprow, Allan Courtesy (1977) Audio 2000 FXM0167
Kirkeby, Per Solid Plastic in Plastic Box Edition 1969 1413E
Kirkeby, Per Fluxus Finger Sweater Edition 1969 1414E
Klintberg, Bengt af From series "25 Orange Events" Performance 1963 FXM0477 1/4
Klintberg, Bengt af Calls - Canto 1 Performance 1965 FXM0478
Klintberg, Bengt af Glasses with two stars Edition 1992 0481E
Klintberg, Bengt af Lettuce music for Sten Hanson (1963) Performance 2006 FXPH0015
Klintberg, Bengt af Svensk Fluxus / Swedish Fluxus Book 2006 FX1567
Knížák, Milan Hobard Horid Mysall Performance 1960 FXM0468
Knížák, Milan Killing the Books Performance 1965 FXM0467
Knížák, Milan Fashion Performance 1965 FXM0573
Knížák, Milan Flux-Snakes Edition 1968 0644E
Knížák, Milan Flux White Meditation Edition 1969 0643E
Knížák, Milan Untitled Edition 1972 1279E
Knížák, Milan Snowstorm No. 1 (1962) Performance 1979 FXM0366
Knížák, Milan Broken Music (1979) Audio 1988 FXM0156
Knížák, Milan Instant Fashion Performance 1989 FX3255
Knížák, Milan Bossanova Suite Audio 1990 FXM0211
Knížák, Milan Untitled Performance 1990 FXM0367
Knížák, Milan Untitled Edition 1992 1238E
Knížák, Milan A Bottle with a Solid Content Edition 1994 0229E
Knowles, Alison Nivea cream piece for Oscar (Emmett) Williams (1962) Performance 1962 FXM0032 1/6
Knowles, Alison Bean rolls Artist's book 1964 0618E
Knowles, Alison Glove for examining Edition 1965 0621E
Knowles, Alison Newspaper Event Performance 1965 FXM0630 1/4
Knowles, Alison Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1971 FX0796
Knowles, Alison Mantra for Jessie (1970) Performance 1980 FXM0449 1/3
Knowles, Alison C'est la fin des haricots Edition 1980 0332E
Knowles, Alison Bean Sequences Performance 1982 FXM0321
Knowles, Alison Wounded Furniture (1965) Performance 1983 FXM0352
Knowles, Alison Build a bean garden (1976) Performance 1983 FXM0353 1/2
Knowles, Alison Alison Knowles. Bohnenweg Announcement 1984 FX0608
Knowles, Alison Natural assemblage / Le Vrai Corbeau Performance 1984 FXM0335
Knowles, Alison Spring Notation with Colours Performance 1989 FX3253
Knowles, Alison Shuffles (1961) Performance 1991 FXM0567
Knowles, Alison Whirlwind moon of the cree (December) Edition 1992 0625E
Knowles, Alison Gloves Edition 1992 0334E
Knowles, Alison Frijoles Canyon Performance 1992 FXM0031 1/2
Knowles, Alison Interviews and video documentation Video 1993 FXM0595
Knowles, Alison Beans inside grappa Edition 1993 0336E
Knowles, Alison Photographic documentation Document 1993 FXPH0613
Knowles, Alison Identical lunch (1967) Performance 1998 FXPH0065 1/2
Knowles, Alison Fluxus Bird Songs Audio 2003 FXM0448
Knowles, Alison Loose pages Performance 2006 FXPH0009
Koepcke, Arthur Pieces Edition 1972 0699E 1/3
Kosugi, Takehisa Micro 1 (1961) Performance 1961 FXM0296
Kosugi, Takehisa Theatre Music Edition 1963 0714E
Kosugi, Takehisa Organic Music (1962) Performance 1964 FXM0427 1/5
Kosugi, Takehisa Rats Unique 1965 0622
Kosugi, Takehisa New York, August 14, 1991 Audio 1991 FXM0030
Kosugi, Takehisa Distance for Piano (1965) Performance 2001 FXM0299
Kosugi, Takehisa Micro2 Performance 2009 FXM0628
Kosugi, Takehisa Anima 1 (1964) Performance 2010 FXM0639
Kriwet, Ferdinand One Two Two Performance 1968 PVM0985
Kriwet, Ferdinand Dschubi Dubi One Two Three (1977) Performance 2023 PVM0984
Kubota, Shigeko Fluxnapkins Edition 1964 0071E 1/2
Kubota, Shigeko Vagina Painting Performance 1964 FX3183
Kubota, Shigeko Fluxmedicine Edition 1966 0072E 1/2
Ligeti, György Trois Bagatelles (1961) Audio 2004 FXM3293
Mac Low, Jackson Drawing-Asymmetries (1961) Edition 1962 0634E 1/2
Mac Low, Jackson Letters for Iris Numbers for Silence Performance 1962 FX1424
Mac Low, Jackson Phone. A poem & 10 variations (1977) Artist's book 1978 FX0381 1/2
Mac Low, Jackson Attitude gorilla bliss Edition 1992 0234E
Mac Low, Jackson Interview Document 1993 FXM0597
Maciunas, George Solo for Lips and Tongue Performance 1961 FXM0213
Maciunas, George Fluxkit Labels Edition 1961 0110E
Maciunas, George In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti Performance 1962 FXM0325
Maciunas, George Fluxus Manifestos Document 1962 FX0870
Maciunas, George Brochure prospectus for Fluxyearboxes 1 Announcement 1962 FX0465
Maciunas, George Festum Fluxorum. Poesie, musique et antimusique événenementielle et concrete Announcement 1962 FX1574
Maciunas, George Fluxus Internationale. Festspiele Neuester Musik (1962) Announcement 1962 FX1575
Maciunas, George Ekstra Bladet / Politiken Periodical 1963 FX1091
Maciunas, George Fluxus Preview Review (Fluxroll) Periodical 1963 FX1090
Maciunas, George Festum fluxorum. Fluxus. Musik und anti-musik das instrumentale theater Announcement 1963 FX0807
Maciunas, George Name Cards Edition 1964 0014E 1/2
Maciunas, George Business Cards Edition 1964 FX1347 1/6
Maciunas, George Ping Pong Rackets Unique 1964 0111
Maciunas, George Fresh Goods from the East Edition 1964 0177E
Maciunas, George Perpetual Fluxus Festival... Announcement 1964 FX0896
Maciunas, George Fluxus presents. Fluxus Symphony Orchestra in Fluxus Concert Announcement 1964 FX1577
Maciunas, George Fluxyearbox 1 (book version) Artist's book 1964 FX1250
Maciunas, George Fluxyearbox 1 (box version) Artist's book 1964 FX1251
Maciunas, George Maciunas Signed Posters Document 1964 FX1288
Maciunas, George Fully guaranteed 12 Fluxus Concerts, New York Announcement 1964 FX1084
Maciunas, George Fluxmanifesto (fragment) / Fluxusmanifesto on Fluxsamusement / Fluxshop / Fluxorchestra Edition 1965 0019E
Maciunas, George The 83rd Fluxus Concert: Fluxorchestra at Carnegie Recital Hall Announcement 1965 FX0567 1/5
Maciunas, George Fluxnewsletters Periodical 1965 FX0873 1/23
Maciunas, George Film-Maker's Cinemateque: Announcements Announcement 1965 FX0881 1/7
Maciunas, George Perpetual Fluxfest Announcement 1965 FX1102
Maciunas, George Fluxfest Sale / Fluxfest Kit 2 Periodical 1966 FX0273 1/2
Maciunas, George Fluxdiagrams Document 1966 FX0871 1/3
Maciunas, George Fluxstationery Edition 1966 FX0911 1/2
Maciunas, George I wish to Remain on Fluxus Mailing list... Edition 1966 FX1642
Maciunas, George Stick-on Tattoos Edition 1967 0109E 1/5
Maciunas, George Photographic documentation Document 1969 FXPH0682 1/8
Maciunas, George Piano Piece No. 10 and Piano Piece No. 13 (1962) Performance 1970 FXM0233 1/4
Maciunas, George Fluxmass Performance 1970 FX1651 1/3
Maciunas, George Fluxmail list and Fluxproducts Periodical 1973 FX0877 1/3
Maciunas, George Wada's LIP Vibrators Announcement 1975 FX0880
Maciunas, George Biography Document 1975 FX0008
Maciunas, George Dear Armin... Artist's book 1975 0174E
Maciunas, George Artists: 100 % and 50 % Fluxus Document 1975 FX1433
Maciunas, George New Fluxyear (1973) Edition 1976 0175E 1/2
Maciunas, George Interviews Video 1977 FXM0413
Maciunas, George Piece for Conductor (1965) Performance 1991 FXM0439
Maciunas, George G. Maciunas und Fluxus Editionen Catalogue 1992 FXC1039
Maciunas, George Jurgis Maciunas. Fluxus menas-pokstas Catalogue 1996 FX1497
Maciunas, George A few brief words regarding George Maciunas, Fluxus & the Kabbalah Document 2000 FX1429
Maciunas, George Maciunas' Learning Machines from Art History to a Chronology of Fluxus Book 2003 FX1422
Maciunas, George George Maciunas 1953-1978. Charts, diagrams, films, documents and atlases Catalogue 2006 FX0641
Maciunas, George Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 01 George Maciunas Catalogue 2010 FX1373
Maciunas, George George Maciunas. Scritti Fluxus Book 2023 FX5645
Marchetti, Walter Per la sete dell'orecchio Performance 1981 FX1671
Mekas, Jonas Anthology Film Archives: announcement Announcement 1974 FXC0560 1/3
Mekas, Jonas Interview Document 1993 FXM0598
Metzger, Gustav On the "Festival of Misfits" Audio 1992 FXM0226
Miller, Larry Orefice Flux Plugs Edition 1974 0478E
Miller, Larry Remote music (1976) Performance 1979 FXM0414
Miller, Larry Accord Audio 1982 FXM0215
Miller, Larry Finger Exercise (1982) Performance 1991 FXM0451
Miller, Larry Where Are You, Newton? (1971) Edition 1992 0479E
Miller, Larry Chewed drawing Edition 1992 0476E
Miller, Larry Do It Yourself Excellent 1992 Edition 1993 0457E
Miller, Larry Overture Performance 1994 FXM0452
Miller, Larry Talk / Don't Talk Performance 1994 FXM0453
Miller, Larry Composition for Black and White Performance 1994 FXM0454
Miller, Larry Sleep Deep Performance 1994 FXM0488
Miller, Larry Photographic documentation Document 1998 FXPH0754
Miller, Larry Video Tape Archive. Fluxus & related materials... Catalogue 1999 FX0633
Miller, Larry Div. Fluxus Scores Video 2010 FXM0686
Moore, Peter Yoko's cheeks Edition 2002 0171S
Moorman, Charlotte Annual Avant Garde festivals Announcement 1963 FXC1656 1/15
Moorman, Charlotte Charlotte Moorman Book 2010 FX0573
Nannucci, Maurizio Fluxus Anthology. A Collection of Music and Sound Events Audio 1989 FXCM0075 1/2
Oldenburg, Claes False Food Edition 1968 0477E
Ono, Yoko Self portrait Edition 1964 0708E
Ono, Yoko Sky Piece for Jesus Christ (1965) Performance 1965 FXPH0060
Ono, Yoko Photographic Documentation Document 1968 FXPH0649
Ono, Yoko Interviews Document 1968 FXM0600
Ono, Yoko Toilette piece Audio 1971 FXM0249
Ono, Yoko Fly Audio 1971 FXM0040 1/2
Ono, Yoko Wall piece for orchestra (1962) Performance 1979 FXM0344
Ono, Yoko Promise piece Performance 1989 FXM0345 1/3
Ono, Yoko Yoko Ono. Bags Edition 1993 0704E
Ono, Yoko A Hole to See the Sky Through (1962) Edition 1994 1483E
Ono, Yoko Projects for Bassano Del Grappa city Document 2000 FX5438
Ono, Yoko Sognare Document 2007 FX1286
Ono, Yoko Dream: project "In una parola" Performance 2009 0051
Ono, Yoko Smile Edition 2011 0574E
Ono, Yoko Fluxus Sex Ties Document 2022 FX6534
Paik, Nam June Zen for Head Performance 1962 FXM0409 1/6
Paik, Nam June Fluxus Island in Décollage Ocean Edition 1963 0211E 1/3
Paik, Nam June Name June Paik. Piano for All Senses Announcement 1963 FX0325
Paik, Nam June Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1965 FX0133
Paik, Nam June Pail of water Performance 1967 FXM0265
Paik, Nam June One for Violin (1962) Performance 1972 FXM0408
Paik, Nam June Fluxus Sonata II Announcement 1974 FX0644
Paik, Nam June Interviews Document 1974 FXM0602
Paik, Nam June Exchanging Performance 1978 FXM0517
Paik, Nam June Life is Tape Edition 1980 0214E 1/2
Paik, Nam June Sat-Art III Edition 1984 0522E 1/3
Paik, Nam June My jubilee ist unverhemmet (1977) Audio 1989 FXM0276
Paik, Nam June Tribute to John Cage Performance 1993 FXM0890
Paik, Nam June Dragging Suite (1963) Performance 1994 FXM0410
Paik, Nam June Nam June Paik: 1932 Seoul - 1978 Köln - 1993 Venice -> -> -> Edition 1995 0525E
Paik, Nam June Nam June Paik. Fluxus / Video Catalogue 1999 FX0403
Paik, Nam June One For Violin Solo (1962) Audio 2004 FXM3294
Paik, Nam June Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 04 Nam June Paik Catalogue 2011 FX1376
Patterson, Ben Exhibition to John Cage Document FXM0533
Patterson, Ben Paper Piece (1960) Performance 1960 FXM0570
Patterson, Ben Performances Performance 1960 FX3421
Patterson, Ben Variations for Double Bass (1961) Performance 1962 FXM0257
Patterson, Ben Pond Performance 1962 FXM0960
Patterson, Ben Puzzle - Poem Edition 1964 0473E
Patterson, Ben Instruction No. 2 (Please Wash Your Face) Edition 1964 0659E
Patterson, Ben Lick Piece (1961) - Tristan and Isolde (1993) Performance 1964 FXPH1601
Patterson, Ben Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1987 FX0372
Patterson, Ben Mine is Bigger Than Yours Edition 1990 0236E
Patterson, Ben Photographic documentation Document 1990 FXPH0753
Patterson, Ben The Flux jump Edition 1992 0651E
Patterson, Ben Do you Suffer from Fluxus ? Edition 1992 0237E
Patterson, Ben A Dozen for Carmen (1990) Performance 1992 FXM0568
Patterson, Ben Roasted Duck Performance 1992 FXPH1603
Patterson, Ben Il primo segreto della grappa / The first secret of grappa Edition 1993 0239E
Patterson, Ben Interviews Document 1993 FXM0601 1/3
Patterson, Ben Reisebüro Fluxus... - Eine Kunstaktion von Benjamin Patterson Announcement 1994 FX1165
Patterson, Ben A Simple Opera Performance 1995 FXM0569
Patterson, Ben Fluxus Classics Announcement 1997 FX1094
Patterson, Ben Fluxus and Kraków Announcement 2001 FX0333
Patterson, Ben Das Rheingold. Ein neur versucht. A multi-media opera by Ben Patterson Performance 2002 FX1784
Patterson, Ben Projects for "Crociera Fluxus" Unique 2002 1488 1/2
Patterson, Ben Ave maria Performance 2003 FX0850
Patterson, Ben Symphony No.6 (2001) Performance 2004 FXM0961
Patterson, Ben Saitama Once Only Fluxus Ensemble Video 2004 FXM0531
Patterson, Ben Homage to Charlotte Moorman Performance 2006 FXPH0016
Patterson, Ben A Fluxus Elegy Audio 2006 FXM0322
Patterson, Ben Bad Check Unique 2007 0172
Patterson, Ben Vecchio salame Fluxus / Old Fluxus Salami Unique 2009 0474
Patterson, Ben A Fluxus Elegy Performance 2009 FXM0608
Patterson, Ben Nano Fluxus: or, Fluxus through the wrong end of a telescope Performance 2009 FXPH0049 1/2
Patterson, Ben Shield civilization! Banish Fluxus! Unique 2011 0240
Patterson, Ben Air Graffiti Performance 2011 FX1348
Patterson, Ben Born in the State of FLUX/us Catalogue 2011 FX0504
Patterson, Ben Living Fluxus Catalogue 2012 FX1775
Patterson, Ben Dr Ben's Fluxus Fountainhead Elixirs Edition 2014 0561E
Patterson, Ben Eaten Alive by Fluxus! Announcement 2014 FX3780
Perkins, Jeffrey Movies for the blind Audio 1995 FX7699
Perkins, Jeffrey George The Story of George Maciunas and Fluxus Video 2018 FXC3129
Saito, Takako Saito documentation Performance 1978 FX0051
Saito, Takako Photographic documentation Document 1978 FXPH0752
Saito, Takako Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1984 FX1197
Saito, Takako Silent Music Performance 1989 FXM0619 1/3
Saito, Takako Do It Yourself Performance 1989 FXPH0074
Saito, Takako Sound boxes Performance 1990 FXM0534 1/4
Saito, Takako Grinder Chess (1964) Edition 1991 0746E
Saito, Takako Flux Lunch Edition 1992 0399E
Saito, Takako Ein Spiel Edition 1992 0391E
Saito, Takako Safety Concert Edition 1992 0392E
Saito, Takako Serenade for Düsseldorf and Osaka (1980) Performance 1994 FXM0503
Saito, Takako One minute theatre Performance 1994 FXM0464
Saito, Takako A portrait of Takako Performance 1994 FXM0504
Saito, Takako Bald chessboard Edition 1997 0744E
Saito, Takako Fluxus Performance for Gourmets Performance 2003 FX1069
Saito, Takako An Opera Performance 2007 FXPH0072
Saito, Takako Paper Plane Performance 2009 FXM0633 1/2
Schmit, Tomas From Sanitas (1962) Performance 1964 FX1293
Schmit, Tomas Zyklus for Water-Pails (1962) Performance 1964 FXM0480 1/9
Schmit, Tomas Vivograph Edition 1964 1294E 1/2
Schmit, Tomas Fluxus - Relikte, Grüne Durchschlupfe ,Objeckte, Zeichnungen, Sämtliche Schachteln, so etwas wie eine Retrospektive Announcement 1975 FX0668
Schmit, Tomas Tomas Schmit: Werke 1962-1978 (Fluxus, Editionen, Zeichnungen) Announcement 1978 FX1212
Schmit, Tomas Untitled Edition 1980 0387E
Schmit, Tomas el & ba Edition 1986 1231E
Schneemann, Carolee Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1962 FX0673
Schneemann, Carolee Up To and Including Her Limits (1974) Performance 1992 FX0153
Schneemann, Carolee Mother Lexicon (1981) Audio 1993 FXM0222
Schneemann, Carolee Look what the cat dragged in (1988) Performance 2004 FXM0613
Schneemann, Carolee Carolee Schneemann Book 2010 FX0393
Serge III Flux Contents Edition 1966 0823E
Serge III Piece n° 2 (Baiser) Performance 1967 FXM0586
Serge III Fluxus Virus Performance 1992 FX3254
Serge III Vase Edition 1992 0206E
Serge III Concert for Serge III Performance 2009 FXPH0051
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey Sound Fold Edition 1966 0040E
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey Pull Glue Edition 1966 0042E
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey Flux Wall Poem Edition 1966 0047
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey Flux Sound Edition 1967 0045E
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey Unrolling Event (1965) Performance 1977 FXPH0082
Sharits, Paul Jeffrey The Existential Anguish Symphony Performance 1991 FXM0214 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko Events and Games Artist's book 1964 0589E 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko Score Field Unique 1964 1412
Shiomi, Mieko Disappearing Flux-Music for Envelopes Edition 1965 0591E
Shiomi, Mieko Spatial Poem No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 Artist's book 1965 1227E 1/3
Shiomi, Mieko Endless Box Edition 1965 0594E
Shiomi, Mieko Requiem for George Maciunas Audio 1990 FXM0008
Shiomi, Mieko Falling Event for Grand Piano (1963) Performance 1991 FXM0327 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko A Celestial Tune by 108 Glass Marbles... For My Mother's Soul... Audio 1991 FXM0139 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko Water Music (1962) Edition 1992 0422E 1/3
Shiomi, Mieko Photographic documentation Document 1992 FXPH0874
Shiomi, Mieko Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1992 FX5676
Shiomi, Mieko Media Opera Announcement 1992 FX1087 1/3
Shiomi, Mieko Fluxus Balance Edition 1993 0587E 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko Dedication (Fluxus Memorial Service) Performance 1993 FX0390
Shiomi, Mieko Direction Event (1964) Performance 1994 FXM0382
Shiomi, Mieko Fluxus Media Opera Video 1994 FXCM0337
Shiomi, Mieko Fluxus balance with Ben Unique 1995 0008S
Shiomi, Mieko Fluxus Balance for Luigi Unique 1995 0590
Shiomi, Mieko Disappearing music for face (1966) Performance 1995 FXM0326
Shiomi, Mieko Grappa Fluxus Musical Embryo Edition 1995 0592E
Shiomi, Mieko Interrupted Music (1960) Performance 2001 FXM0546
Shiomi, Mieko Fluxus Trial. Destructive performances for piano & computer Video 2001 FXM0381
Shiomi, Mieko A musical dictionary of 80 people around Fluxus Audio 2002 FXM0138
Shiomi, Mieko Fax roll event Performance 2003 FX0866 1/2
Shiomi, Mieko Talking on Fluxus Performance 2019 FX4456
Shiomi, Mieko Entering into Time and Space - by performing Fluxus scores Performance 2019 FX3396
Shiomi, Mieko Shiomi Mieko + Fluxus Catalogue 2022 FX2145
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Concert Fluxus: Concerto per musica non strumentale. Acqua, terra, vento, fuoco ed elettricità, Trieste Announcement 1969 FXC0137
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxlist nr. 1 Performance 1992 FX0334 1/2
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Correspondence and documentation Document 1993 FX0529
Simonetti, Gianni-E. AB OVO Performance 1998 FXPH1607
Simonetti, Gianni-E. P.A.G.E.S. Piccolo Archivio di Gastronomia e Scienze leccarde Document 2007 FX0847
Simonetti, Gianni-E. "Fluxus Concert" Ivrea and "Kissed by Maciunas", Milan Video 2010 FXM1394
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Baciati da Maciunas. FLUXUS e il divenire delle arti Document 2010 FX2355
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxus Island Unique 2012 0779
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxus Events, Venice Video 2012 FX1310
Simonetti, Gianni-E. "Fluxus Concert" Chiasso Video 2012 FXM1380
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Cum Panis - 2012 Unique 2012 FX1686
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Homage to Duchamp Performance 2012 FXPH1606
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Five scented water in memoring of Jurgis Mačiūnas (2010) Edition 2013 1380E
Simonetti, Gianni-E. The Female Side of FluxusMusic. The Concert, Reggio Emilia Video 2013 FX1382
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fontana Mix (1958). A special female version Performance 2013 1352E
Simonetti, Gianni-E. A little Fluxus cookbook. In memoriam of Jurgis Mačiūnas Artist's book 2014 FX1317
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxfood Concert in Venice. A Multitasking Performance Performance 2014 FXPH1608
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxmusic: Drinking a Young Woman in a Dutch Courtyard. A Musical Tribute to Pieter De Hoock, Gallarate Performance 2015 FXM0724
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Artistic pattern construction fluxus and its tailors Unique 2016 0825
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Attraversare la notte. Una conversazione "around Fluxus" Book 2018 FX2789
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Oh, poor Yorick! Unique 2018 1580
Simonetti, Gianni-E. In Vivo - Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Paris Performance 2018 FXM8731
Simonetti, Gianni-E. A little antholological Fluxconcert Video 2018 FXM5378
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxus in the Living Room Music of John Cage, Milan Announcement 2019 FX7878
Simonetti, Gianni-E. La Lingua tagliata, Milan Document 2019 FX9321
Simonetti, Gianni-E. A Fluxus rereading of John Cage Water Walk 1959, Varese Performance 2019 FXM3402
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxus. Leggendo Flaubert. I fondamenti oscuri dell'arte contemporanea e le loro conseguenze Edition 2021 FXM3455
Simonetti, Gianni-E. Fluxus, again! A History of a Radical Experience 1952-1962-2022 Book 2022 FX2312
Spoerri, Daniel Attention, oeuvre d'Art Edition 1961 0433E
Spoerri, Daniel L'optique moderne Artist's book 1963 FX1028
Spoerri, Daniel Meal variations Edition 1965 0431E 1/3
Spoerri, Daniel Photographic documentation Document 1985 FXPH0757
Tardos, Anne Who Fly Edition 1992 0430E
Tone, Yasunao Smooth Event (1962) Performance 1983 FXM0443 1/3
Tone, Yasunao Anagram for Strings (1961) Performance 1990 FXM0295
Tone, Yasunao Clapping (1961) Performance 2012 FXM0535
Vaccari, Franco Real time exhibition no. 22: Artist's Atelier Artist's book 1996 2320E
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus artists: Document Document FXC2200
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus artists: Edition Edition 1965 1000E
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus Artists: Video Video 1966 FXCM1100
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus Artists: Edition Edition 1968 FXC2400
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus Artists: Unique Unique 1971 FXC2500
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus Artists: Audio Audio 1980 FXCM1000
Various Fluxus artists Various Fluxus Artists: Performance Performance 1981 FXC2300
Vautier, Ben Mystère Edition 1960 1373E 1/4
Vautier, Ben Déclarations Edition 1960 1444E
Vautier, Ben Je signe tout (1960) Edition 1962 0682E 1/8
Vautier, Ben Je signe rien faire Edition 1962 1336E
Vautier, Ben Musique Audio 1962 FXM0173 1/11
Vautier, Ben Théâtre-performances Performance 1962 FXM0368
Vautier, Ben Ben Dieu - Art total sa revue (1962 - 1963) Artist's book 1963 FX1263
Vautier, Ben Posters and flyers Announcement 1963 FX0681
Vautier, Ben Trou Edition 1964 0687E 1/6
Vautier, Ben Fluxus intérieur 16mm 1964 - 1972 Video 1964 FXM0136
Vautier, Ben Fluxpostcards Edition 1965 0684E
Vautier, Ben Total Art Matches Edition 1966 0681E 1/2
Vautier, Ben Théâtre d'Art Total Artist's book 1966 0691E 1/2
Vautier, Ben Mystery Fluxfood Edition 1967 0507E
Vautier, Ben Véritable échantillon de tissus fluxus importable Edition 1967 0508E
Vautier, Ben Correspondence, documentations, letters Document 1967 FX0683
Vautier, Ben Fourre Tout No. 1 Periodical 1967 FX1262-01
Vautier, Ben Fourre Tout No. 2 Periodical 1967 FX1262
Vautier, Ben Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1967 FX0198
Vautier, Ben A Fluxsuicide Kit Edition 1967 1318E
Vautier, Ben To look at Edition 1968 0279E
Vautier, Ben Écritures Edition 1971 0686E 1/29
Vautier, Ben "Catalogues" Catalogue 1971 FX1291
Vautier, Ben Photographic Documentation Document 1972 FXPH0691 1/5
Vautier, Ben Fluxus Music, to open and close Edition 1980 0277E
Vautier, Ben Fluxus and friends going out for a drive Artist's book 1983 FX0271
Vautier, Ben Interviews Document 1993 FXM0603 1/2
Vautier, Ben Fluxus continue 1963 - 2003 Nice Artist's book 2003 FX1803
Vautier, Ben Ben in Holland 1963-2013 Announcement 2013 FX1777 1/2
Vautier, Ben Telephone Concerto (1993) Audio 2023 FXM5547
Vostell, Wolf Museo Vostell Malpartida: Announcements Announcement 1962 FXC1425
Vostell, Wolf Photographic documentation Document 1962 FXPH0695
Vostell, Wolf Neun Nein Dè-Coll/Agen Performance 1963 FXPH0050
Vostell, Wolf Actions, Agit-Pop, Dé-coll/age, Happening, Events, Antiart, L'Autrisme, Art total, Refluxus Announcement 1964 FX0841
Vostell, Wolf Manifesto Itzehoe Performance 1965 FX1418
Vostell, Wolf Happenings. Fluxus, Pop Art and Nouveau Réalisme Book 1965 FXC0410
Vostell, Wolf Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1965 FX0107
Vostell, Wolf Elektronischer dè-coll/age. Happening raum Audio 1968 FXM0268
Vostell, Wolf V 40 (Vostell 40 Jahre alt) Edition 1973 0545E 1/2
Vostell, Wolf La Bilancia Edition 1975 0543E
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus + Happening Announcement 1976 FX1503
Vostell, Wolf Happening & Fluxus Announcement 1976 FXC3262
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus-musik für Dada-Berlin Document 1976 FX1101
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus Zug Artist's book 1981 FX0557
Vostell, Wolf Dé-Collage Musik Audio 1983 FXM1399
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus Simphony for 40 Tape Cleaners (1964) Performance 1989 FXM0648 1/2
Vostell, Wolf Le Cri Audio 1993 FXM0171
Vostell, Wolf Concert Fluxus Sara-Jevo (1994) Audio 1994 FXM1398
Vostell, Wolf Museo Vostell Malpartida: Catalogues Catalogue 1994 FXC0014 1/8
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus-Sinfonie fur 40 Hoovers Audio 1999 FXM2387
Vostell, Wolf Vostell. I Disastri della Pace / The Disaster of Peace Catalogue 1999 FX0428
Vostell, Wolf 100 Mal Hören Und Sehen Audio 2004 FXM3295
Vostell, Wolf Fluxus Biennial. 730 giorni hic et nunc # 03 Wolf Vostell Catalogue 2010 FX1161
Wada, Yoshimasa Smoke Fluxkit Edition 1969 0425E
Wada, Yoshimasa Untitled Performance 1978 FXM0431
Wada, Yoshimasa For the Memory of George Maciunas (1977) Performance 1979 FXM0302
Wada, Yoshimasa Untitled Edition 1992 0423E
Watts, Robert Stamps Edition 1961 0602E
Watts, Robert Interview Audio 1963 FXM0273
Watts, Robert Two Inches (1962) Performance 1963 FXM0341
Watts, Robert Dollar Bill (1962) Edition 1964 0609E 1/2
Watts, Robert Photomontage selfportrait (1962) Edition 1964 0715E
Watts, Robert Events Artist's book 1964 0273E 1/3
Watts, Robert Flux Rocks Marked by Volume in CC. (Version No. 101) Edition 1964 0606E
Watts, Robert Brands Edition 1964 0610E 1/2
Watts, Robert Key hole Edition 1964 0716E
Watts, Robert Playing Cards Edition 1964 1201E
Watts, Robert Untitled Announcement 1964 FX1321
Watts, Robert Fingerprint Edition 1964 1204E
Watts, Robert F/H Trace (1963) Performance 1964 FXM0342
Watts, Robert Orchestra costume Performance 1965 0607E 1/3
Watts, Robert Hospital Events (1963) Artist's book 1965 1211E 1/2
Watts, Robert Stick-ons Edition 1967 0603E
Watts, Robert String record composition Audio 1969 FXM0223
Watts, Robert Light FluxKit Edition 1972 0604E
Watts, Robert Luna post Edition 1980 0268E
Watts, Robert Yam Postcard (1962) Edition 1982 0271E
Watts, Robert Giant poster of "Fluxus 301" Edition 1984 0265E
Watts, Robert Trace for orchestra (1964) Performance 1992 FXPH0566 1/9
Watts, Robert The Invisible Man of Fluxus and Pop Catalogue 1999 FX0552
Watts, Robert C/S Trace (1963) Performance 2006 FXPH0014
Williams, Emmett An Opera Edition 1960 0318E
Williams, Emmett Voice Piece for La Monte Young Performance 1962 FXM0406 1/4
Williams, Emmett Alphabet Poem Edition 1963 0077E
Williams, Emmett dbpq Edition 1963 FX0392
Williams, Emmett Counting song (1962) Performance 1964 FXM0527 1/4
Williams, Emmett Tipogramma a-b-c-d-e.... Edition 1964 0080E
Williams, Emmett Tipogramma O Edition 1964 0081E
Williams, Emmett Duet for performer(s) and Audience (1961) Performance 1964 FXM0279
Williams, Emmett Counting song # II (for Philip Corner) Unique 1966 0025
Williams, Emmett Duet Performance 1968 FXM0727
Williams, Emmett Announcements and invitation cards Announcement 1975 FX3294
Williams, Emmett Untitled (1980) Edition 1980 0287E
Williams, Emmett Una anti-storia di Fluxus Document 1980 PV2636
Williams, Emmett Musica Performance 1989 FXM0526
Williams, Emmett Twenty-one Proposals for the Stained-glass Windows of the Fluxus Cathedral Edition 1991 0297E 1/21
Williams, Emmett Don't Talk About Fluxus Here Unique 1991 0441
Williams, Emmett Fluxus movens Edition 1992 0082E
Williams, Emmett Four-directional song of doubt for five voices (1962) Performance 1992 FXM0425
Williams, Emmett My Life in Flux - and Vice Versa Book 1992 FX0175 1/2
Williams, Emmett The Fluxus Dwarfs Unique 1993 0436E
Williams, Emmett The Seoul of Fluxus Announcement 1993 FX0544
Williams, Emmett Interviews Document 1993 FXM0604
Williams, Emmett Emmetolo's Grappa for "Grappa Fluxus" Edition 1993 0439E
Williams, Emmett 10 Arrangements for 5 Performers (1962) Performance 1994 FXM0426
Williams, Emmett Mr. Fluxus. A Collective Portrait of George Maciunas 1931-1978 Book 1996 FX0208
Williams, Emmett Wiesbaden divertissement Document 2002 FXPH0041
Williams, Emmett A Flexible History of Fluxus Facts & Fictions Artist's book 2006 FX1024
Williams, Emmett Live performance, Bern (1996) Performance 2023 FXM5455
Xerra, William Omaggio a Bonotto Unique 2013 1015
Young, La Monte LY 1961 (Composition 1961) Artist's book 1963 FX1247
Young, La Monte Piano Piece for David Tudor # 1 (1960) Performance 1963 FXPH1012
Young, La Monte Composition 1960 #10 to Bob Morris Performance 1963 FXPH0001 1/2
Young, La Monte Composition 1960 # 5 (1960) Performance 1963 FXM0542 1/3
Young, La Monte Trio for Strings (1958) Artist's book 1964 0800E
Young, La Monte Death Chant (1961) Artist's book 1964 0406E
Young, La Monte Pepe 1965 FXM0583
Young, La Monte Un seul son Performance 1965 FXM0584
Young, La Monte The theatre of eternal music. Dream house 78'17" Audio 1974 FXM0187 1/2
Young, La Monte Photographic documentation Document 1990 FXPH0716
Young, La Monte Compositions 1961 Artist's book 1992 FX1421
Young, La Monte Poem for Tables, Chairs and Benches (1960) Performance 1992 FXM0294 1/5
Young, La Monte Interview Document 1993 FXM0605
Young, La Monte Composition (1961) Performance 1994 FXM0292 1/2
Young, La Monte 566 for Henry Flynt (1960) Performance 1995 FXM0293
Young, La Monte Violin Solo Performance 2009 FXM0349
Young, La Monte La Monte Young Book 2010 FX0551


Artista Titolo Anno Code
Filliou, Robert / Metzger, Gustav / Patterson, Ben / Spoerri, Daniel / Vautier, Ben / Williams, Emmett / and others Festival of Misfits 1962 FXC1584
Higgins, Dick / Knowles, Alison Twenty-Seven Episodes for the Aquarian Theater to the Recognition of Antonin Artaud (1957) 1962 FXC1573
Maciunas, George and various 1962/1965 International Fluxus Festivals and Concerts 1962 FX0452
Filliou, Robert / Higgins, Dick / Knowles, Alison / Koepcke, Arthur / Mac Low, Jackson / Maciunas, George / Paik, Nam June / Vostell, Wolf / Williams, Emmett / and others Fluxus. Musik OG anti-musik det instrumentale theater 1962 FX0605 1/3
Cage, John Milton Jr. / Gosewitz, Ludwig / Knowles, Alison / Paik, Nam June / Schmit, Tomas / Vostell, Wolf / Young, La Monte / and others Parallele Aufführungen Neuester Musik 1962 FXC1583
Various Wiesbaden Fluxus 1962 1962 FXCM0390
Various Flash Art 1963 FXC0463 1/2
Brecht, George / Cage, John Milton Jr. / Young, La Monte / and others A Little festival of new music 1963 FXC1275
Brecht, George / Hansen, Al / Higgins, Dick / Knowles, Alison / Young, La Monte and others Happenings, Danger Music. Fluxus 1963 FXC1660
Filliou, Robert / Heidsieck, Bernard / and others Arts du Langage - Poésie & Théàtre. Nouvelles Tendances" 1963 FXC1661
Beuys, Joseph / Schmit, Tomas / Vostell, Wolfand others Festival der Neuen Kunst, Aachen 1964 FXC1029
Simonetti, Gianni-E. and others Simonetti's Fluxus Concerts 1964 FXC0958
Various Galerie René Block 1964 FXC3202
Brecht, George / Bussotti, Sylvano / Cage, John Milton Jr. / Higgins, Dick / Simonetti, Gianni-E. / Watts, Robert / and others Gesto e Segno. Festival Fluxus, Milan 1964 FXC1192
Hi Red Center / Kubota, Shigeko / Maciunas, George / and others Hi Red Center 1965 FXC1323
Various Festivals Zaj 1965 FXC0602 1/3
Maciunas, George and others Tulane Drama Review, vol.10, No.2 1965 FXC0157
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