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Fluxus nel Veneto


Exhibition and Fluxus concert at Palazzo Agostinelli, Bassano del Grappa
Edited by Henri Martin
Organized by Museo Biblioteca Archivio
Lenders Luigi Bonotto, Francesco Conz, Emily Harvey
and others

1. Catalogue
    Texts: H. Martin and T. Santi
    Unnumbered pages, 30 x 21 cm

2. Poster
    Colors offset on white paper, 66 x 40 cm
    Two copies
    One copy signed by D. Higgins, H. Martin, B. Patterson,
    E. Andersen, A. Knowles, M. Knížák, Y.Ono, P. Corner,
    T. Saito and G. Hendricks

3. Dinner Menu
    Colors offset on grey paper, 21 x 22.5 cm
    Signed by the artists and F. Conz, L. Bonotto,
    F. Garghetti, H. Martin, B. Skuber and others

4. "Un Concerto Fluxus" video documentation
    Montage: Giorgio Longo
    Video program notes:    
  - P. Corner, "Through the Mysterious..", 1995, No. FXM0502
  - A. Knowles, "Shuffles", 1961, No. FXM0567
  - B. Patterson, "Dozen for Carmen", 1992, No. FXM0568
  - E. Williams, "Counting song", 1962, No. FXM0527
  - Ay-O, "Rainbow music #1", 1963, No. FXM0571
  - G. Brecht, "Drip music", 1962, No. FXM0415
  - M. Knížák, "Fashion", 1965, No. FXM0573
  - N. J. Paik, "One for violin", 1962, No. FXM0408
  - R. Watts, "Two inches", 1963, No. FXM0341
  - G. Maciunas, "In Memoriam to Olivetti", 1962, No. FXM0325
  - D. Higgins, "Danger music #17", 1962, No. FXM0142
  - M. Shiomi, "Disappearing music for..", 1966,No. FXM0326
  - E. Andersen, "Opus 666", 1962, No. FXM0473
  - L. Miller, "Talk / Don't talk", 1994, No. FXM0453
  - B. Vautier, "Nothing", 1962, No. FXM0368
  - B. Patterson, "A simple opera" No. FXM0569
  - J. Jones, "Duet for brass instruments" No. FXM0168
  - H. Christiansen, "Three pieces for piano" No. FXM0550
  - E. Andersen, "Opus 777" No. FXM0379
  - L. M. Young, "566 for Henry Flynt", 1960, No. FXM0293
  - T. Schmit, "Zyklus" No. FXM0480
  - L. M. Young, "Poem for chairs..", 1960, No. FXM0294
  - B. Patterson, "Paper piece", 1960, No. FXM0570
  - Y. Ono, "Sky Piece for Jesus Christ", 1965, No. FXPH0060

5. Photographic documentation
a. Exhibition and Fluxus Concert
b. Visit to Bassano del Grappa with artists and guests

6. Press review

1. Catalogue

2. Poster

3. Dinner Menu

4. Program

4. Video









6. Press