Corner, Philip

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Gamelan Son of Lion


1. First edition
    Published by The New Wildermess Foundation, 1985
    Signed on inner audiotape's part

2. Re-edition
    "Metal Notes"
    Published by Lucust Music, Chicago, 2006
    Audio CD
    Signed on cover

Audio program notes:

a. P. Corner, D. Goode and P. Griggs, "GAMELAN NEA"
    Length: 15'57"
    Composed in 1982 as part of the Consortium Commissioning program
    of the National Endowment for the Arts and premiered at May.

b. D. Demnitz, "Either/or-or/either"
    Length: 9'01"
c. P. Corner, "GAMELAN STEINN", No. FXM0150
    Length: 3'34"
    First performance in July 1981
d. D. Rightmire-Womelsdorf, "Keith Rays"
    Length: 6'00"
e. P. Corner, "GAMELAN IX evening of evennesses", No. FXM0404
    Music piece conceived in Amsterdam, 1976
f. P. Griggs, "Through the looking glass" (1978)
    Length: 5'48"
g. D. Goode, "Hear the sound of random numbers"
    Length: 11'01"
    Composed in 1979
h. D. Goode, "Random chords"
    Length: 7'58"
    Composed in 1979