Corner, Philip

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Pieces from the past: Philip Corner for the violin of Malcolm Goldstein (1958-1985)


Published by Pogus productions, Chester, N.Y., 2011
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Audio program notes:

a. "Philip Corner's Piece for Malcolm Goldstein"
     by Elizabeth Munro, 1962
     Length: 20"43'
b. "Gameland Antipode/s", 1983
     with 'Piece for String Instrument #3', 1958
     Length: 18"10'
c. "Gamelan Maya", 1980
     Length: 16"52'
d. "The gold Stone", 1985
     Length: 13"55'
e. "Piece fo String Instrument #5", 1958
     Length: 3"02'

Cover: Portrait of Malcolm Goldstein, by P. Corner, 1997