Corner, Philip

Audio (78 work / s)


Code FXM0463 1/3   Audio

Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal


Published by Pasquale Lomolino, Italy, 2013
Edited by Ricerca Sonora
Four 12'' vinyl records
Each record with two inserts

1. Test-Pressing
    Edition of 5 copies on black 12'' vinyl record
    Cover handwritten and signed by the artist, 2013
     Signed on cover
2. First edition
    a. Edition of 30 copies on blue 12" vinyl
        Cover and Insert signed with golden pencil
    b. Edition of 270 copies on black 12" vinyl

3. Second Edition
    Edition of 200 copies on clear vinyl
    Record sleeve signed with dedication to Luigi
     Signed on cover
Mastered by Silvia Kastel
Front cover photo by Giacomo Barazzoni
(taken from Biennale di Venezia)
Insert photo by Rachel Corner
Cd copy signed by P. Corner

Audio program notes:
Side A
- Ear Wave
  Length: 16'58"
  Philip Corner with Korean cymbals in water, outdoors -
  with the midnight bell from San Marco -
  on the Fondamenta Giudecca, October 2, 1994

Side B
- Gong/Ear
  Length: 11'57"
  Philip Corner with rain and thunder.
  S. Andrea di Rovereto, June 18, 1990

- "I Respiri/The Breaths"
  Length: 8'38"
  Philip Corner with alphorn and gong.
  Celebration for Rosanna Chiessi, Scandicci, February 12, 1996

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