Corner, Philip

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Code FXM0025   Audio

Pieces of (acoustic) reality and ideality (1995)


Published by Alga Marghen, Milan, 1997
Audio CD

Audio program notes:
Side A
- "Listening Walk"
   Length: 24'02"
   Recorded at Lanificio Bonotto, July 29, 1995
Side B
- "Apothéose", No. FXM0119
   Length: 46'42"
   Recorded at the artist's house in Cavriago

Cover: hand-made paper by S. Pedrini and
fabric sample from Lanificio Bonotto

See video documentation FXM0651
and Edition 0735E

Exh.: 2000, Napoli.

Bibl.: "Fluxus nella sua epoca", exhibition catalogue, Napoli, 2000, p.47