Corner, Philip

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Piano work


1. Piano work, 2000
    Published by Slowscan, Netherlands, No. FXC0040
    12'' vinyl record with 6 pages booklet, 21 x 29 cm.
    Numbered 169/300
    Signed with dedication to Luigi

2. Piano work'd, 2012
    Audiotape with seven pages
    of documentation, 29,5 x 21 cm. each
    Recorded on aug.19, 1983 at Archivio F. Conz, Verona
    Remstered in 2011 by BJNilsen

    Signed on inner audiotape's part

See also Edition No. 0343E
and Artist's book No. 0497E

Bibl.: "Vinyl records and covers by artists", exhibition catalogue, Bremen, Barcelona 2005, p.199