Corner, Philip

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Concerto for Housekeeper and other dances with Phoebe


Published by "Imminent Frequencies", Brooklyn, N.Y, 2013
White box,13.5 x 13.5 x 1.5 cm., signed,
containing two cards and two audiotapes:

1. Audiotape 1
     "Concerto for Housekeeper"
      Audio program notes:
     -  I. Strings
        Length: 30'36"
     -  II. Soundboard
        Length: 19'44"
     -  III. Keyboard
        Length: 4'53"
    Piano duo with Philip Corner and Phoebe Neville
    Recorded on Dec 12, 1995 Maiden Lane, NYC

2. Audiotape 2
a. "Gong / Ear / Horn / Dance"
    Length: 46'19"
    Phoebe Neville dancing to Philip Corner's playing of alphorn,
    rattle, and hand-held twirling gong made by M. Vogel.
    Recorded on May 23, 1994 Capri, Casa Malapante, Italy

b. "Exotic Ear / Phoebe's body"
    Length: 23'43"
    Philip Corner playing tambourine, Tibetan bowl,
    tam-tam, teak leaf
    Recorded on May 4, 1996, Chiang-Mai, Thailand

c. "Pieces of musical reality: Mirò"
    Length: 27'31"
    Recorded on June 9, 2009 Palazzo Spinola, Genova, Italy

Signed on inner box's part

Cover photo by L. Bonotto
Inlay photo by D. Falghero (Phoebe dance with Philip)
Numbered, signed and dedicated to Luigi

Philip and Phoebe in "Concerto for Housekeeper",
Bassano del Grappa at the festival "SEnTieRinTeRROTTi" /
"Vanished Paths".

See also Video No. FXM0010-2