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Musiques Des Ailes / Wingéd Music (improvvisations)


Published by Ricerca Sonora, Adria, 2012
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:
Side A
- Trio
  Length: 11'19"
   Performer – M. Vogel, P. Corner, P. Neville
- Solo
  Length: 3'45"
  Performer – M. Vogel
- Duo "Bataille"
  Length:  7'36"
  Performer – M. Vogel, P. Corner

Side B
- Trio
  Length: 20'20"
  Performer – M. Vogel, P. Corner, P. Neville

Second edition, produced by Lomolino Pasquale

Recorded in Paris, in June 1999 at the "Archipel"
(the atelier of French artist Polska)
Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, signed.
Single cover with two inserts.
With a text titled "Hers the Bell of Wings"
of Jean-Louis Vincendeau, both in English
(translated by P. Corner) and French

Signed on cover