Corner, Philip

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Code FXM0005 1/4   Audio

Gong Ear / Earth Breath


Four audio cassettes
with handwritten indications by P. Corner
Music recorded in:

1. Genova, 20 april 20th, 1993    
    a. Length: 42'32"
    b. Length: 45'31"

2. Molvena, 23 April 23th, 1993
     Length: 38'15"

3. Molvena, 1993
    a. Sept. 6th
    "Gong Ear / Earth Breath"
    Length: 32'5'0"
    b. Sept.10th
    "Temporale mattinale: fine dell'estate"
    Length: 31'02"

4. Borgo Valsugana, Sept. 20th., 1996
    Perfomer: "Alphorn" (Swiss horn) and
    "piccolo gong francese"(small French gong)
    P. Corner with P. Neville and chorus of
    "Montagne della Val di Sella", Borgo Valsugana  
    Length: 7'30"

Signed with dedication to Luigi

Philp Corner used the audio cassettes
2 and 3 to form the audio for the work
"Temple of the eternal present", No. 0722-1b