Corner, Philip

Audio (78 work / s)


Code FXM0021 1/6   Audio

On tape from the Judson years (1962 - 1963)


Published by E. Carcano, Alga Marghen, Milan, 1998
Audio CD

Audio program notes:

1. "Lucinda's Pastime" 1962
  a. "Lucinda's Pastime"
       Length: 06'04"
  b. "Andante cantabile"
       Length: 05'05"
  c. "Lucinda's Pastime"
       Length: 02'19"
     Total length: 13'28"
     Tape: Kitchen sink at Sullivan Street apartment;
     Wallensak tape recorder

2. "Memories: Performances" 1963
     Length: 20'12"
     Source material: various recordings,
     mixed at Bedford Street apartment

3. "From Thaïs" 1962
    Length: 09'42"
    Recording: records into Wollensak tape recorders
    mixed with Y-branch connector

4. "Oracle, an electronic cantata on images
    of war: strike week version" 1962

  a. "War Is Hell", 03'16"
  b. "Sound-Off and March", 06'56"
  c. "Black Hole", 04'01"
  d. "Cried Silence", 05'51"
    Total length: 20'04"
    Realization on various tape machines,
    in part with the help of James Tenney

5. "Flares - the electronic element" 1963
    Length: 06'02"
    Sounds generated at Columbia University
    Electronic Music Studio

6. "Bev's Circus Tape" (extract) 1962
    Length: 07'15"
    Tape realization at Henry Street Playhouse:
    Alvin Nikolais'studio; assisted by James Seawright

Booklet with texts and photos
Back cover: Photo portrait by G. Maciunas
Front cover: P. Corner in Cardiff, Wales